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What began in 1852, holds true today: superior ingredients, passion for your food and hands-on craftsmanship will bring outstanding results.

Plochman Facility, circa 1930

For over 150 years, the Plochman family has been doing mustard right. Our family recipe and “first class” approach to ingredients and craft have been virtually untouched since we made mustard our focus in 1883.

Our authentic, time-honored small-batch craftsmanship puts the emphasis where it should be…on quality and flavor.

  • We exclusively use #1 grade mustard grown in the fertile prairie farmlands of Saskatchewan.
  • Only well-matured yellow mustard seeds with a sweet flavor and good natural color are used — ensuring the desired taste, color and texture.
  • We use more particulates, and less vinegar, allowing the real mustard flavor to shine through. (Try it; you can taste the difference.)
  • We use no artificial flavors, fillers, gluten or MSG.
  • Our mustards are low calorie, with zero grams of fat.
  • Every batch receives hands-on, culinary attention — from start to finish.

We take pride in doing it right. We always have.

And we’re confident you’ll benefit from the premium quality, crafted flavor and culinary integrity our mustards bring to your menu.

Focused on Flavor. And Foodservice.

For generations, the skillfully blended flavors of Plochman’s have warmed the hearts of consumers in the Midwest and beyond. More recently, chefs from coast to coast have discovered the many possibilities of building flavors with our distinctive mustard varieties.

Which we are very excited to support…through recipes, profit-building ideas, chef-to-chef prep tips and our growing line of amazing mustard varieties. We believe you’ll genuinely love our mustards — and our enthusiastic support of your kitchen.

Plochman's Mustard Vintage Squeeze Bottles


Consumers who know Plochman’s are passionate about our brand and flavors. Many recognize our iconic retail squeeze bottle (the first mustard squeeze bottle anywhere).

In fact, Plochman’s Mild Yellow mustard just might be a great front-of-house addition, if you don’t mind a few extra compliments from your customers.


Find out more about The Must-Have Mustard by submitting this form. Plochman’s will locate your nearest sales representative and have them contact you within 5 working days. For immediate help, call our customer service line: 1-800-843-4566.